Mrs. Brown

May 23-25

What's Happening This Week:

  • Please remember to email the front office and me if there are changes to your child's pick up plans. Emailing by 2:30pm works the best. You can reach the front office at

Learning Targets:

  • The next 2.5 days we will wrap up all subject areas and clean out EVERYTHING!

Love, Mrs. Brown

Save the Date:

May 24 - Reader's Theater Presentation 12:30-1pm
End of the year Party 1-1:45pm (All parents welcome!)

May 25 - Last Day of School. 11:30 Dismissal


Spelling : No spelling words this week.

Backpack Pages & SuperShort : No Backpack pages or Supershort this week.

RAZ Kids/Kids A-Z - All RAZ assignments are finished for the year. IF your child still has any unread books - you have until May 18 to complete, or they will be a zero in the gradebook.

Math: No Math homework this week.

Bible Memory: No Memory Verse

Star Student:

Need Extra practice?!: AR & Library Info:

Need Extra practice?!: Read on RAZ (LEVEL UP OR READING ROOM!) read library books, write spelling words in ABC order or 3x's each, practice addition flashcards 1-10.

The first grade has started Accelerated Reader!

AR- Accelerated Reader- learn all about it on the Library link:

Scholastic Book Club: Scholastic Book order can be done at any time. We will not longer send home physical copies of book orders, but you may view them online. If you purchase books as a gift, let me know, and I will make sure you get the books without your child knowing, or choose to have book order sent straight to your house.

Special Classes:



Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -

Math Strategies we are using in class for addition:

Add in any order (3+4=7 4+3=7)

Circle the number that is more, and count on (8 +2=10)

Touch point math (circle the larger number, and count on the lower number with dots. See Math insert in child's folder)

Doubles (3+3=6, 5+5=10,etc.)

Doubles Plus One, and Doubles Minus One

( 4+5=9 and 4+4=8, so 4+3=7)

Using a 10 frame to add

Adding three numbers - look for a double or make ten, then add on

Math Strategies we are using for Subtraction

Use a 10 frame to write a tens fact, and subtract

Make a group of 10 to subtract

Use a number line to count back